Emergency signals of fetal distress by your baby
Fetal distress refers to a condition in which the fetus is not getting enough oxygen or is experiencing other problems that may be harmful to its health.
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Step-by-step anti-aging face massage
Anti-aging face massage is a technique that involves massaging the face in a specific way to promote blood flow, stimulate collagen production, and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
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About Mamanet

Mama Net is a next-generation educational app that is targeted at expectant mothers, and those with newborn infants and children. The company has built a holistic multi-dimensional app, which leverages artificial intelligence to seamlessly educate and enable mothers to be the best (while providing strong network access to mothers, families, and communities. Our partner, Mama Wang, is a market leader providing support and opportunities to over 100,000,000 mothers in China. Some of its key strategic partners include Tencent, China Next Generation Work Committee and Social Welfare Foundation.

About Mamacliqs

Are you a new mother trying to find the perfect and suitable products to care for your baby or yourself? Perhaps you are trying to find baby care products as gifts for a friend or relative that just had a baby? Mamacliqs online store is where you can buy newborn baby products in Malaysia as well as care products for pregnant women in Malaysia. There are many types of newborn baby supplies available, from baby nursing pillows, baby-safe trainer cups, to pregnancy safe skincare products and postpartum care packages in Malaysia. No matter which stage of motherhood you, your friend or your relative is in, Mamacliqs will have the right solution for you. 

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