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Fertillity/pre pregnancy
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What is cervical stenosis?

Cervical stenosis is the narrowing of the passageway through the cervix. They usually do not cause any obvious symptoms. It can be congenital (a birth

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Pregnancy News
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Breast pain during pregnancy?

Breast tenderness during pregnancy is a normal physiological phenomenon and does not require special treatment. If the expectant mother feels that it has become more

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Shop For Various Baby And Mother Care Products Online At Mamacliqs


Are you a new mother trying to find the perfect and suitable products to care for your baby or yourself? Perhaps you are trying to find baby care products as gifts for a friend or relative that just had a baby? Mamacliqs online store is where you can buy newborn baby products in Malaysia as well as care products for pregnant women in Malaysia. There are many types of newborn baby supplies available, from baby nursing pillows, baby-safe trainer cups, to pregnancy safe skincare products and postpartum care packages in Malaysia. No matter which stage of motherhood you, your friend or your relative is in, Mamacliqs will have the right solution for you. 


Types of Baby And Mother Care Products On Sale At Mamacliqs


Baby Gear & Nursery

You can buy reliable baby strollers in Malaysia and enjoy your outdoor time with your baby. Besides that, Mamacliqs is also the place where you can buy mattress sets for babies, as well as pregnancy and nursing pillows. Going out to shop can be tiring and a hassle for expecting parents, Mamacliqs online store allows you to get the best newborn baby products, baby gear and nursery products at the comfort of your home.


Health & Beauty

Caring for a baby can be a lot of work, which means it can put a strain on your back or even as far as on your face. If you are looking for pregnancy safe skin care products in Malaysia, Mamacliqs takes care of that too. You can easily obtain calming cream, Beaubelle Face Anti Stress Neurocosmetic Set, and many other pregnancy safe face wash in Malaysia through our online store. 


Have you been up all night because of the backache you’re experiencing? Looking for pregnancy safe eye cream in Malaysia to fight those motherhood eyebags? We have just a list of options for you! We even have healthy supplements for pregnant women available in Malaysia as well as health supplements for child development and growth with your’s and your children’s health in mind.


Body & Bath

We all can agree that a baby’s skin is the most sensitive skin to exist, which is why we at Mamacliqs offer gentle body wash for babies in Malaysia. You can get both gentle baby wipes and fragrance-free baby wipes easily too because we all know that even if the store bought wipes and body wash smell good, they are ridden with harmful chemicals for your baby’s sensitive skin. Not only that, stretch mark lotion and cream for pregnancy is also available in Malaysia at Mamacliqs! Increase your confidence even after pregnancy, without a doubt! Gentle cream or lotion for nappy rashes and diaper rash can also be obtainable in Malaysia.


Feeding & Nursing

Baby feeding and nursing require copious effort, care and time. We understand the struggles hence we have curated the essentials to help ease this process for both babies and mommies! You can find a variety of choices from breast pump and baby bottle cleaner, to bite-proof cups for babies, all available in Malaysia. Working mothers can also buy breast milk storage bags, to store excess milk production. Above all, you can also buy nipple shields for breastfeeding mothers in Malaysia to keep your favourite shirt from milk stains.



Not to mention that Mamacliqs also offer multiple services that can benefit babies, mothers and families in general! Looking for IVF virtual consultation or pregnancy safe massages in Malaysia? Don’t worry, Mamacliqs got you covered! We have an abundance of services for mothers and babies. You can get a pre-marital health screening package and post-natal physiotherapy program in Malaysia, as well as a vaccination package for newborn babies and insurance plan for babies in Malaysia. These services are provided by trusted and certified third parties like Natasha Beverly, Win Health, MJ Optimal Health and many more. We at Mamacliqs understand the process and struggles of parenthood, hence we decided to dedicate our efforts to make parenthood easier and more enjoyable for you.

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