Yoga Poses For The First Trimester

If you are reading this, you must either be an experienced yoga practitioner who is pregnant for the first time or a first-timer who is interested in yoga and trying out another form of exercise that wouldn’t hurt you or the baby. Either way, many have described yoga as being their source of relaxation while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and these positions have been adjusted to suit the well-being of prenatal women – specifically those in their first trimester. 

However, we must advise you to seek medical approval from your doctor beforehand. 

Easy and Effective Yoga Poses

Beginners of the yoga artform might get intimidated because of the advanced poses they see yoga practitioners do, but did you know that certain styles of standing are yoga poses? There are the easiest ones for beginners and pregnant women in their first trimester: 

  1. Warrior Poses

There are 5 different poses and all of these are great for blood circulation, breathing, and improve stability. By practising the poses, you will also be building strength in your shoulders, arms, legs, ankles, and most importantly, your back. 

2.Crescent Lunge

This one will be quite challenging as you are dealing with the weight in your belly, but the crescent lunge will be where you develop balance and flexibility. You will need to use your entire body’s muscles, such as legs, groin, hip flexors, front torso, chest, and shoulders, to perform this, stretching and strengthening both the upper and lower parts of your body. 

3.Side Angle Pose

Great pose for relieving you off stiffness in your shoulders and back. You will definitely feel a deep stretch to your groins and hamstrings while strengthening your legs, knees, and ankles. The benefits of doing this pose are that it tones your abdominal muscles and increases your stamina, from all the breathing you will need to practice. 

4.Seated Twists

It will help you regain some natural range of motion to your spine, and stimulate circulation. However, refrain from this if you have a history of back injury. 

5.Hip Openers

You can choose between doing it seated or standing. The goal is to activate your inner thighs, back and neck through stretching, as it promotes attention to your pelvis and keeps it stabilized. Flexibility is important during labour. 

6.Abdominal Poses

There are multiple variations of abdominal poses, including your choice of a full or half plank, that act to increase flexibility in your muscles and encourage you to work on keeping an upright posture. Your abdominal workout is key to reducing body pains and cramps.

Keep it Safe for You and the Baby

It is best to avoid poses that require you to go against gravity. Abdominal exercises can be done but most pregnant women have said that they felt uncomfortable after doing them. So it is advisable to avoid those poses and listen to your body. The key is to be aware of your body’s ability and not to over-stretch beyond your limits as you could possibly dislocate some joints or even add more pressure to your abdominal cavity. 

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