Why has my embryo stopped growing?


  1. Genetic factors. Chromosomal anomalies, or some tissues and organs are not developed early in embryonic development.
  2. If the mother’s nutrition or oxygen cannot be delivered to the fetus, the fetus will stop growing.
  3. Insufficient secretion of some hormones can not maintain the normal development of the fetus.
  4. The pregnant mother suffers from certain diseases. If the vaginitis, the embryo is infected by bacteria or virus to stop development.
  5. If the pregnant mother and the fetus mutually reject each other, antigen and antibody immune rejection.
  6. Eating certain foods causes the fetus to stop developing, or take some medicines that are not conducive to fetal development.

Symptoms of embryo development

Investigations may show that the HCG level is low and the B ultrasound has no fetal buds and fetal heart. The early pregnancy symptoms manifest as nausea and vomiting, feeling weak every day, breast tenderness, and may subside when the embryo stops growing. If embryo stops growing eventually results in miscarriage.

What to do if the embryo stops developing

Some women choose to wait for the miscarriage to happen naturally. However, induction of labour can be done to trigger the miscarriage. In addition, dilatation and curettage is used to remove the product of conception. If you have multiple consecutive miscarriages, examination and investigations need to be done.

How to prevent embryos from stop developing

  1. An embryo that stops developing before 12 weeks is called miscarriage and after 12 weeks it is called a stillbirth. 
  2. Relax your mind. Too much tension or stress can cause endocrine hormones to secrete insufficiently, which may cause the fetus to stop developing.
  3. Pre-pregnancy examinations, take more pre-pregnancy training classes. Conceived at the right time, more insurance for the mother and the baby .
  4. Regular check-ups can generally detect pregnancy-related problems.
  5. If the embryo stops developing for the first time, it takes half a year to become pregnant. It takes at least two to three months for ovarian function to recover, and at least half a year for the endometrium to recover.

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