Why Do Your Feet Swell During Pregnancy? And What You Can Do About It

As an expecting mother, you are going to have to experience several changes to your body. Some might be changes that you expect, and others may come out of the blue. Either way, these are changes you have to face when you bring a child into this world. At the end of the pregnancy, all these sacrifices will dissipate into thin air, as they are filled with the sound of giggles and laughter of your child.

A couple of common changes your body might experience include breast enlargement, weight gain and stretch marks. However, you might also experience more severe changes such as the swelling of your feet. If you are experiencing this at the moment, continue reading. This article will be able to brief you on the ins and outs of foot swelling due to pregnancy.

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What Causes Swelling During Pregnancy?

The swelling of your feet rarely occurs overnight. It is a condition that progresses through your pregnancy trimesters. Here is how it works.

First Trimester

Your feet will only be noticeably puffed up when you are in the late stages of your pregnancy. For now, your body is initially starting the process that leads up to feet swelling eventually. For the first thirteen weeks of your pregnancy, your body produces high levels of progesterone. Progesterone is a hormone that slows your digestive processes down. When this occurs, the abdominal region of your body will begin to bloat. This will start before you have yet to grow your baby bump. One of the other side effects that come with this process is your feet swelling at a mild rate. Plus, it swells with other parts of your body such as your face and hands.

Second Trimester

Soon you will be entering the fourteenth week of your pregnancy, which is usually considered the first week of the second trimester. During this trimester, your body produces large amounts of fluid and blood in your body. Technically, it produces at least 50% more than the usual amount. If you are curious as to why, the blood you produce supports your uterus, which in turn ensures the baby’s development. This extra production of fluid and blood comes along with the high hormone fluid retention. During this time, your body will begin to swell, so there is no surprise that your feet swell as well. The reason behind this swelling is to allow your body to be ready for childbirth, as it softens your body tissues.

Third Trimester

This is the most common time that mothers experience swollen feet. As the trimester progresses, you will soon observe that your feet, especially your toes will become plump and puffy. The body does not stop producing large amounts of fluids and blood. So, it is not surprising to see that your feet continue to swell. Other than that, you are also accommodating to a larger sized baby, hence your uterus grows larger to compensate. When this occurs, the body will find it harder to send blood back to the heart. All of these swellings will reduce as soon as you bring your baby into the world of the living.

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How To Reduce Swelling In Your Feet

Fortunately, there are ways to alleviate swollen feet. It is not something that goes away immediately, but these methods work well if you have the patience and time to carry them out.

First, you should exercise regularly. Although you should avoid carrying out any strenuous exercises, you can still exercise lightly. Take short walks in the park, or around your neighbourhood. However, if you prefer to submerge yourself in water, you can go for a swim. This activity is both beneficial and enjoyable. If you don’t have much time on your hands, you can try foot exercises. Foot exercise routines can be found on the internet, and you can choose the ideal routine according to your availability and needs. If all else fails, you can also try getting a massage. If you are looking for pregnancy safe massages in Malaysia, check out Mamacliqs.

Next, there are also things you can do in your daily life. For one, you should avoid standing for long periods. When you can, you should prop your feet up onto a chair, or a suitable surface, when you are sitting. Also, avoid crossing your legs when you sit. It may be a habit, but you will have to break it if you want to avoid experiencing swollen feet. Other than that, you can also lie on your side when you sleep. Lying on your side may be uncomfortable, so you need to invest in a pregnancy pillow for optimum sleep.

Moving on, in terms of clothing, you should wear suitable outfits for your condition. You should wear shoes and socks that are comfortable. They should not be too tight or constricting. Essentially, you need to wear comfortable clothing in general. As soon as your body changes, you need to accommodate those changes. Wearing suitable outfits will allow you to feel more pleasant. Head over to Mamacliqs to buy maternity shapewear clothing in Malaysia.

While you are trying all these methods, you must ensure that you are drinking enough amounts of water. It may sound bizarre since the main reason behind swollen feet is because of the extra fluids in your body, but it works. If you are dehydrated, your body will choose to hold onto more liquid in return. So, to avoid experiencing swollen feet, you need to drink plenty of water.

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When Does Feet Swelling Become A Cause For Concern

As mentioned before, swelling occurs over time. However, if you were to experience it at a severe rate, and suddenly, you should be worried. These symptoms usually indicate preeclampsia, a condition that can only be dealt with by the delivery of your baby. It is a serious complication that involves high blood pressure. If you fail to address the complication, it might increase your chances of experiencing liver and kidney damage, and seizures. In some cases, it could be lethal. Therefore, you need to update your physician on the changes you experience and immediately book a consultation with them if any sudden swelling occurs. For more blogs on pregnancy for expecting mothers, head over to Mamacliqs.

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“Empower your parenting journey with Mama Net! Whether you’re just starting your journey into parenthood or are a seasoned pro, Download our app for free on the App Store and Google Playstore for access to certified content, interactive tools, and a community of supportive parents and mothers.”

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