Train your baby to walk during his motor-sensitive period!

The first stage: standing

Before your baby learns to walk, he must learn how to stand. Therefore, parents must first guide the baby to learn to stand. You can support your baby’s armpit to train them. However, it should be noted that the practice time should not be too long. Take it slowly step by step.

The second stage: leaning forward

After learning to stand, you can start letting your baby try to move forward. For example, the father is responsible for supporting the baby (behind the baby) and the mother uses the toy in front of the baby to entice the baby and encourage the baby to move forward to take the toy.

The third stage: move a step forward

After the baby learns to move under the protection of parents, it is time to move forward. The specific method is the same as the stepping method in the second stage. The difference is that you should encourage your baby to let him take a step forward.

The fourth stage: walking

Once your baby has learnt all three steps mentioned above, you can try to loosen your hands and let your baby walk on his own. He may sway, be unstable or even fall down within a few seconds when he just started to learn to walk. You need to protect your baby and let him learn and move forward with confidence and boldness.

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