Tips On How To Get Pregnant For Trying Couples

Tips On How To Get Pregnant For Trying Couples
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So, you and your partner have finally decided to have a baby. The inception of pregnancy is exciting, but it also causes a lot of uncertainty for many couples out there. If you a trying couple are looking for tips on how to get pregnant, stick around to find out! 

Predict ovulation

One of the tips on how to get pregnant is to predict the ovulation date. Why is that? It is advised that couples should have regular intercourse before five days of ovulation and on the day itself as it can increase the chances of conceiving. 

To understand how ovulation works, it is where a mature egg is released from the ovary. After it’s released, it moves to the fallopian tube where it stays there for around 12 to 24 hours, ready to be fertilized. Additionally, the sperm can live inside the female reproductive tract for up to 5 days under a suitable condition after sexual intercourse. That is when the chances of getting pregnant are the highest as the sperm are present during that period. 

The menstrual cycle lasts an average of 28-days, and the ovulation period occurs around 14 days before the next menstrual cycle period. Albeit, it varies for each person. If you do not have a 28 days menstrual cycle period, you can estimate the length and median cycle by having a menstrual calendar. That way, it is easier to keep track. 

Consumption of supplements

With all sorts of health supplements out there, be sure to take the necessary supplements when you are trying to conceive. There are many Western and Asian medicines out there that couples can take before pregnancy. Although, it is advisable to consume any herbs or supplements under the guidance of a doctor. 

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Maximizing fertility: The do’s

Here are some of the tips in order to maximize fertility: 

Have sexual intercourse regularly: The safest tip to improve fertility for couples is to have intercourse every day or every alternate day as studies have shown that pregnancy rates are higher compared to couples who have lesser sex. 

Have sexual intercourse near the ovulation period: Some couples do not find it enjoyable or find it possible to have it every day. A tip for conceiving couples to follow is to have sexual intercourse around 3 days after the end of the ovulation period. This can ensure couples have sex during the most fertile period. 

Keep an eye on weight: It is advised for women to keep their weight in check as there is an increased risk of ovulation disorders for overweight and underweight women. 

Maximizing fertility: The don’ts

Here is what to avoid when you’re trying to get pregnant:

Do not smoke: Tobacco can cause many (negative) effects on fertility. Not just that, it can also affect your health and the fetus’s health. If you are a smoker, seek professional help to assist you to quit smoking before trying to conceive. 

Do not consume alcohol: Consuming too much alcohol might decrease the fertility rate. Without a doubt in mind, avoid alcohol at any cost if you are trying to conceive. 

Reduce caffeine intake: If you are a heavy coffee drinker, it is recommended to drink only 1-2 cups a day as research has shown that as long as you consume 200 milligrams or less of caffeine a day, it does not affect fertility. 

Not only that, all of the things that you should avoid should also be avoided if you are pregnant as well, as it can cause negative health side effects to the fetus. 

To add on, best to let your doctor know about any medications that you are taking. That is because some medications (prescription and nonprescription) can make it difficult to conceive. 

Sometimes it is not the woman’s problem

Another tip to help get pregnant for trying couples is that sometimes it may not be the woman’s problem if the couple fails to conceive. There could be a possibility that the man has a low sperm count which leads to why a couple fails to conceive. To make sure that the man is not suffering from low sperm count, it is advised to go to the hospital to get it analyzed. This will give you a heads up if he is experiencing andropause. 

Some of the ways that the man can improve sperm count are by: 

● Sleeping early 

● Eat healthily 

● Exercise 

● Take supplements 

● Avoid some prescription medication 

Besides that, another reason why couples fail to conceive is when the man is suffering from erectile dysfunction. The causes for men to suffer from erectile dysfunction can be due to health conditions, medications, lifestyle and psychological factors. 

Fear not, with the help of supplements like natural herbs, you do not have to worry about this condition being permanent. Besides that, if you do not trust any natural herbs or supplementation, do reach out to a doctor to seek the best possible advice to fix the problems that you might be facing. 

Happy couple smiling after find out positive pregnancy test in bedroom

When to see a doctor?

Going to the doctor will always be the last resort. So, when is the time to see the doctor? The majority of healthy couples conceive within a year of having frequent unprotected sex. 

If you are in a period where it is difficult to conceive (Typically early to mid- 30s), and you have been trying to conceive for more than 6 months, or if you suspect that either you or your partner is known to have fertility issues, it is advised to consult with a health care practitioner. 

With that being said, both men and women are affected by infertility. The good thing is that there is treatment available. Depending on what kind of problem, your doctor or urologist might help. However, in rare cases, seeking help from a fertility specialist is the best hope to help you.

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