There are three great tricks to train your baby on how to stand.

3 things mothers need to keep in mind!

Learning to stand well is the foundation to walking well. So how to train your baby to stand up? Here are 3 things you need to remember!

1. Practice from standing to sitting

Mom and dad can put the baby in a crib with a handrail and let the baby practice standing on the railing first. Then use the baby’s favourite toys or food to tease the baby to sit down.

The specific method:

While playing with your baby, remove the toy, encourage the baby to stand up again with the help of the railing, and then sit down. Repeated exercises can train your baby’s waist and leg strength and improve your baby’s physical coordination.

2. Don’t force your baby

If your baby is crying and refuses to practice standing, parents should never force their baby to train. This will not be conducive to the development of his leg muscles and bones and will also overshadow his mental health and cause him the fear of standing.

3. Arrange training time reasonably

Your baby should not exercise for more than 5 minutes each time. The baby’s skeletal development is still in progress. Compared with his weight, his lower limbs’ support ability is not adequate. Premature and excessive standing is not conducive to the healthy development of the baby’s bones. Therefore, parents should arrange their baby’s training time reasonably in life, and don’t rush it.

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