The scientific method of giving birth to girls

The scientific method of giving birth

  1. Studies have shown that it is best to choose the traditional posture of males and females in sexual positions, and to be shallow when inserting. This will increase the chance of having a girl.
  2. You can make your body environment acidic. Women have to avoid eating too many alkaline foods and eat more acidic foods such as meat, fish, corn, and eggs.
  3. X sperm will have a higher survival rate than Y sperm at high temperature, so the pregnant father can maintain the temperature of the testicular by taking measures such as bathing with warm water.
  4. Women will increase the alkalinity of the vagina during orgasm, and alkalinity helps the passage of Y sperm. Therefore, if you want to have a girl, prepare the woman to avoid orgasm as much as possible.

What month is easy to have a girl

Studies have shown that the month when it is easy to have a girl is November in winter. German scientists found through investigation, women who are pregnant in November are more likely to have girls. Because men have a low semen concentration in November.

Under what circumstances is it easy to have a daughter

  1. Women who are under pressure will produce a strong acidic environment, which is not conducive to the survival of Y sperm. However, it is not recommended that women get pregnant under pressure.
  2. The older the age, the easier it is to have girls. Because the age factor will cause the sperm count of men to decrease and the change of physiological hormones in women  will also reduce the alkaline secretions in the womb year by year.
  3. If male occupations are exposed to computer radiation for a long time. There is high chance of having a girl because the testicles are strongly changed by high temperature, air pressure or radiation which causes the Y sperm with less vitality to die first.
  4. If you want to conceive a girl, women should avoid eating too many alkaline foods and eat acidic foods such as meats, fish and dairy products.. However, both men and women should pay attention to a balanced diet.

Characteristics of the birthing a daughter

  1. The belly of pregnant women with a girl is a rounded shape, and it can be clearly seen from the back that she is pregnant.
  2. The concept that the baby’s fetal movement depends on the right “male left and female right” is also used by people who give birth to boys and girls.
  3. The appearance of pregnant women looks better and the skin becomes whiter and tenderer.
  4. The baby’s fetal heart rate is weak but the frequency is faster, which is the characteristic of having a girl baby.
  5. The bulge of the navel or the  thin and shallow black line under the navel are the characteristics of being pregnant with a girl.

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