Should I be honest about my pregnancy when interviewing for a job?

Well obviously we’ve all been taught that “honesty is the best policy” and for a good reason because eventually, the truth will always reveal itself one way or another. When that time comes, you will wish that you had been honest from the start. However, you are not here to be told what is the right thing to do, but instead, to be advised according to the law. Some might make it a big deal about you either being pregnant or planning to be, as they see it as a risk to hire. However, do not worry because you cannot be discriminated against by potential employers, as stated in the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, but there is nothing wrong about potential employers asking. So the answer is: Yes, there is no reason for you to lie about your pregnancy during an interview.

Why would Women usually Lie about Pregnancy?

The common fear is being discriminated, and though discrimination has been barred since 1978, there have been enough cases to make women worry. Hiring someone new is a risk and comes at a cost. Should a company hire a pregnant woman, the company knows to expect costs, leaves for regular check-ups, emergencies, and maternity leaves. Also, this plays a part in if she (the new pregnant hire) is capable of performing her tasks and extras (if necessary), and if she is dependable. By not being upright and honest with your potential employer, it wouldn’t be a great start for a long-term relationship with the company. After all, it will only take a matter of about 3 months before your baby bump will start to show, and then how will you explain to your employer – that you gained weight by eating too much? Granted that you need this job possibly to support your husband and the family you are building, it still would not reflect well on you in the long run, should you be found out.

How do I Break the News?

If you are asked, know that it is within your rights to not disclose your status, but note that this will also affect how your potential employer will view you – especially if your baby bump is really already quite obvious. There is no guide to advising a woman on how to break the news during an interview, other than to just be pure honest and confident that your experience and skills would be a great contribution to the company.

When asked, you may also ask for the reason – should you view it as discrimination. Be it that you are being discriminated against just because you are pregnant or hope to be soon, then take comfort that you have found an answer – that this company is just not meant for you. Keep your head up high though, because there are some employers out there who might surprise you, interested in what you are capable of achieving in the long term, rather than the challenges over the next few months.

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