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Food is one of the essential things that need to be given attention when raising a baby or caring for mothers. Which is why at Mamacliqs, you can find food and condiments that can be beneficial for both babies and mothers alike. Buy your pregnancy safe foods in Malaysia at Mamacliqs today!

You can purchase Japanese Sea Cucumbers at Mamacliqs at an affordable price! Sea cucumbers are high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, all of which are beneficial to one's health. They include riboflavin, for example, a necessary vitamin for energy synthesis and metabolism in the body. Calcium from sea cucumber is important for a baby's bone growth. Folic acid can assist in the prevention of birth defects in infants. Other vitamins and minerals are essential for the healthy growth of the developing baby and the pregnant mother.

The sea cucumbers are dried for easy storing. All you have to do is to soak the sea cucumbers in a clean, oil-free container overnight. Afterwards, wash away any remaining sand and change the water. Repeat the step again till the sea cucumbers are soft enough to cook. Despite its low mercury content, pregnant women should avoid eating too much sea cucumber. So, what are you waiting for? Sea cucumbers have a lot of benefits for pregnant mothers, buy your pregnancy safe foods in Malaysia at Mamacliqs with just a few clicks!

Not only that, you can also purchase Xiaolongkan Shoo Loong Kan Hot Pot Seasonings at Mamacliqs! If you crave to eat hot pot, but you’re too tired to prepare the abundance of ingredients, then this seasoning hot pot can save your energy and time! Xiao Long Kan Spicy Hot Pot Seasoning is the best choice for you because all you need is the meat and veggies, not much preparation is required! Do you know that the hot pot base can be used for other dishes as well? Mala hot pot, Mala tofu, Mala chicken wing and more waiting for you to try!

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