Food And Snacks for Babies and Mothers at Mamacliqs

The most important part of raising a baby and caring for a pregnant mother is to provide them with the necessary and healthy food for the baby’s development. At Mamacliqs, you can obtain and buy healthy food for babies in Malaysia, as well as pregnancy safe snacks in Malaysia. You don’t have to worry about finding the perfect snack during your pregnancy anymore because we have all that and more, with reasonable and affordable prices. Buy your pregnancy safe foods products without worry at Mamacliqs.

You can find LactoMomma Cookies with 9 different kinds of flavours only at Mamacliqs! LactoMomma cookies are the perfect pregnancy safe snacks in Malaysia, which functions to boost milk production in mothers. Their Best-selling Lactomomma Chocotella cookies are made from chocolate dough and a generous amount of Nutella toppings! According to studies, chocolate includes theobromine, which helps to boost milk production while also lowering stress levels. LactoMomma cookies are made with organic rolled oats, organic halal brewers' yeast, organic golden flaxseed, and organic extra virgin coconut oil, all of which have been shown to maximise the production of a mother's lactation.

Besides that, Mamacliqs is also the place to buy healthy food for babies in Malaysia! Baebis flavourful puffs are the perfect healthy snack for babies. Baebis Baby Rice Puff (round shaped) are made from calrose rice and brown rice, with fruit purée and concentrate, 100% natural, with no added artificial colouring and flavouring, no added sugar and no added salt. They have four flavours altogether, but their best-selling Baebis Avocado Mango Puff is great for first time customers! This is because it is rich in healthy fats, minerals like potassium, magnesium and calcium along with vitamins such as vitamin C, E, B1 and others. This helps to boost your baby’s immunity and overall development. Baebis Baby Rice Puff is the way to go if you are looking for a healthy baby snack.

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