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Are You Worried About the Food You’re Feeding Your Child? Let Mamacliqs Ease Your Anxiety! 

Are you having trouble physically and emotionally whenever it comes to child care? You may be concerned that the food you bought for your child is not as healthy or does not meet your child’s dietary requirements. Maybe you're having problems nursing them. Mamacliqs has solutions to mellow out the feeding and nursing process of your baby and toddler such as our bite-proof cups for babies in Malaysia.

Want Your Child to Taste New Things? Mamacliqs Got Your Back! 

Are you trying to widen your child’s palate? If done right, he/she could have a super palate. We have various healthy foods for babies you could buy in Malaysia. We provide a variety of snacks for your child to enjoy. The Baebis Rice Puff.has flavours like apple banana, cheddar and avocado. We even have a variety of Little Freddie food products that might help broaden your child's palate. This food product is a great way to introduce vegetables to your baby’s palate and to expose new texture to them.

Need a Solution for a Less Painful Breastfeeding Experience? Mamacliqs Has the Answer!

Is your baby tongue thrust or tongue-tie — a condition in which a tight band of tissue connects part of your baby’s tongue to the floor of their mouth? Or you have inverted nipples and need help breastfeeding? You can buy a nipple shield for breastfeeding mothers in Malaysia. The Haakaa Breastfeeding Nipple Shield is a one-of-a-kind design made of 100% soft silicone with an enlarged teat that creates space between your nipple and your baby's mouth.

Always On the Go but Your Baby Needs Milk? Find Your Answer in Mamacliqs! 

Everyone has questions regarding nursing, whether they're first-time moms or not. There are times when you run out of milk and times when the baby isn't hungry. What happens if it's inconvenient for the mother to breastfeed? The most crucial thing to ensure there’s sufficient breast milk supply in any situation is with breast milk storage bags. Great for storing, reheating and freezing milk, especially for travelling and on the go moms.

You need to pump milk into bottles and into storage bags. This is why we have the silicone breast pump suction Malaysia. The Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump is a fantastic breastfeeding ally. A breast pump and baby bottle cleaner are necessities for breastfeeding moms in Malaysia.

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