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As you prepare to welcome your precious infant into your home, you may be wondering: “What does a baby truly require in the first several weeks at home?” The answer is a clean and conducive environment that supports their growth. 

As a newborn baby is at the most fragile time of their life, ensuring that they are protected from illness and infection is a top priority. At Mamacliqs we have all the necessity to ensure that your house is prepared to welcome your newborn. For example, you can buy our baby-safe disinfectant spray in Malaysia. It has a sterilization rate of more than 99.99% and its extensive effects are suitable for a wide range of applications.


Safe Laundry Items For Baby Clothes

We all can agree that a baby’s skin is sensitive and in need of extra attention, as well as consideration. Which is why many mothers choose only the most appropriate and suitable products for them to use, especially when it comes to soap, detergent and everything else which are related. Not to worry, at Mamacliqs, you can easily buy baby laundry products in Malaysia

Mamacliqs has many laundry products for you to choose from. Chomel’s baby laundry detergent and softener, as well as Pureen’s baby laundry liquid and powder detergent, are all available for purchase online at Mamacliqs. Besides that, you can also find Homuplus All Purpose Concentrated Liquid that can be used to clean any surfaces at home. They are made of all-natural ingredients and contain no harmful chemicals, making it safe to use in the environment of your baby. 


Bottle and Breastfeeding Cleaning Needs

A baby’s nursing time can be messy, regardless whether you are bottle feeding, or breast feeding the baby. It is important to ensure that you acquire cleaning utensils and necessities that are both safe for the mother and the baby. You can buy our baby-safe bottle and utensil cleanser in Malaysia easily when you shop online on Mamacliqs. 

It is important that a baby’s bottle should be perfectly clean before making a new set of milk. However, it is not easy to clean a baby’s bottle properly without the necessary tools, and having milk stains and residue from the previous feeding can be unhealthy too. Fortunately, you can easily purchase your own bottle cleaning brush sets online Malaysia, from Mamacliqs. By using these brush sets that come in different shapes and sizes for easy cleaning, you can be sure that the feeding bottle is clean and safe to use.  Visit our website for more newborn baby products and mother necessities in Malaysia.

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