Buy Fun and Educational Toys For Babies At Mamacliqs Online Store

Learning during playtime is a vital aspect of a child's growth. Even in infancy, a toddler begins to discover the world and their identity through playtime. Encouraging your child to get adequate play time is wonderful to increase their physical and mental strengths. A child's intellect expands even at early stages of development just by observation and soaking in their environments. Hence, other than buying newborn baby products in Malaysia like feeding bottles and strollers, you also need educational toys for your baby's development.

Mamacliqs understand the importance of education and playtime for children, hence we bring in educational toys and products at a reasonable price on our online store! One of the many products is the Fisher Price Giant Rock a Stack. The Giant Rock-a-Stack takes the classic combination of wibbly-wobbly base and colourful rings and super-sizes it for big-time stacking fun! This supersized and over 14 inches tall toy is made for babies ages 12 months and older, allowing your toddler to develop eye-hand coordination, colour recognition, sequencing and problem solving skills. 

Toys are one of the many important things that babies should have. Other than for their development, it can also function as a fun play time to bond with parents and families. Mamacliqs is the perfect place to buy newborn baby supplies in Malaysia, especially if you are looking for toys, from educational, rattles, to teethers and even calm toys! 

When your toddler reaches the age of one year or older, they will be more energetic. Presenting the appropriate toys to them will aid in the development of coordination and balance, as well as pique your child's interest in their emerging freedom to move. Besides that, there are also a variety of choices when it comes to teether toys! When a baby begins teething, teethers can help relieve inflamed gums.

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