Body And Bath Baby Products for Sale at Mamacliqs

It is not unknown that a baby’s skin is very sensitive. Newborns have thinner skins than a toddler, which is why it is important to buy only the safest and reliable newborn baby products in Malaysia. In fact, many body and bath products that have a wonderful fragrance would usually be ridden with nasty chemicals that can harm your baby’s skin. If you are planning to buy fragrance free baby wipes in Malaysia, as well as gentle body wash for babies in Malaysia, then look no further, because Mamacliqs has a variety of options for you!

At Mamacliqs, you can find brands like Chomel that sell gentle body wash for babies in Malaysia. Chomel Baby Head To Toe Wash is a pH balanced & Soap Free Head to Toe Wash that helps cleanse without over drying. It is suitable for newborn, toddler, kids with sensitive skin and even eczema skin problems! After a good and refreshing bath, mothers can use Chomel’s baby Lotion for diaper rash to help soothe, moisturise and support the skin’s natural moisture balance to prevent rashes. This gentle and versatile lotion contains only Natural Flaxseed, Rosehip, Coconut and Monoi Tiare oils!

You can also buy gentle and fragrance free baby wipes in Malaysia, from 30 sheets until 100 sheets a pack is available! Or, you can save more by purchasing the value pack of 100 sheets x3! If you still have second thoughts about buying these products, we also have a travel kit. This can double as a testing kit to make sure that the products are suitable for your baby’s skin.

There are many other brands and choices of gentle body wash for babies in Malaysia at Mamacliqs! Like Calmelon’s natural baby shampoo & bath, Babylove’s premium 5 in 1 bath set that includes a potty, a potty seat, a bath bed, a bathtub and a towel.

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