Baby Gear & Nursery At Mamacliqs

One of the important things to be prepared with when welcoming a new baby to the family is to prepare and buy newborn baby supplies available in Malaysia. We at mamacliqs curated a range of newborn baby products that are useful to help you raise a baby with love and care. From reliable baby strollers, to mattress sets for babies in Malaysia, all of them can be beneficial in caring for your newborn baby.

Going out for a stroll in this day and age, parents can opt for both comfort and style for their baby strollers. With all the choices available at Mamacliqs, you can choose one that fits your style and is comfortable for the baby. Beside outdoor baby strollers, Mamacliqs also has multiple high-chairs and portable swings for your baby’s comfort while being indoors.

Not only that, you can also buy a baby nursing pillow in Malaysia to ease yours and your baby’s breastfeeding experience. These pillow support for breastfeeding mothers and feeding babies in Malaysia can assist in the session of nursing to reduce back and neck strain for all mothers. Pregnancy and nursing pillows in Malaysia can be obtained easily to ease either breastfeeding session or to increase the baby’s comfort while laying down.

Apart from the reliable strollers, you can find a variety of baby carriers available in Malaysia. If you wish to carry your baby close to you when heading outside, you can get the Joie Baby Savvy Hunter baby carrier or the TRB Baby Carrier. Moreover, we also offer mothers out there, gentle and safe skin quilts that can be used to enhance baby’s comfort during sleep. We carry multiple designs from brands like Mamagoods.

Besides soft quilts, we also have playpen for babies, from the basic, Joie Baby Kubbie Sleep Wheat, to the high-quality Joie Baby Roomie Glide Starry Night that looks elegant and sleek.

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