Physical /Motor Development-Hand training

The baby’s fine hand movements can promote the development of the brain! The more flexible the baby is, the smarter the baby may be! Don’t miss the good time for baby to exercise his hand movements, now; give orders; let baby exercise his little fingers well! Check out some great ways to train your baby’s fingers!


Let your baby learn to pinch small items, such as beans. At first, give the baby a small-calibre plastic bottle, and guide him to put the small beans into the bottle, then pour it out, put it in, and play back and forth. Observe whether the baby can use the thumb and index finger to pick up small items skilfully. If the movement is still stiff, do more exercises for your baby. Once the little guy is gradually skilled, he can pick up the small beans and put them in his mouth. 

 Coherent training

 Give your baby two toys in the same hand, and let him learn to transfer the toys to the other hand and take the second one. In this way, the continuity and coordination of the baby’s finger movements can be well exercised.

 Hit training

 First take the same two blocks or sets of bowls, one hand at a time, and beat it  rhythmically; repeatedly – training many times, the baby will learn it, and will hit involuntarily when he takes the toy. 

Purpose training

The baby may throw away things when he starts to pick up the toy. Therefore, train your baby to pick up or put down consciously in a timely manner. Tell him clearly, to pick up or drop things. Such as; putting that little building block into the cup; giving the bear to his mother

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