Physical/Motor Development – Crawling

After learning to sit, the baby will enter another sensitive period, which is the crawling sensitive period. What is the crawling sensitive period and is there any special significance?

The crawling sensitive period is an important period and it is the best period to learn crawling. This period occurs when the baby is about 6 to 9 months old. Your baby will start to crawl when he learns to sit up. When you find that he has moved his belly against the bed and raised and retracted his hands, it means that the crawling sensitive period has arrived and he wants to crawl. When he learns, he will move his little butt everywhere; wander; sometimes, the crawling speed will be fast, and you can’t even catch him!

Is crawling important for babies?

  1. Baby practising crawling is important in promoting his neck exercise, spine development, abdominal, limbs and other muscle development.
  2. It can exercise his body’s sense of balance and coordination and play an important foundation for the development of walking and other sports capabilities.
  3. Crawling allows the baby to go where he wants to go, which helps to broaden his horizons and stimulate curiosity. In addition, his self-awareness and subjective initiative will be developed too.

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