Newborns Passing Green Stool

What’s going on with green stools in newborns

Many attentive new mothers will find that the baby’s stool sometimes appears green. So many mothers are very worried, is there a problem with the baby’s digestion? So, is it normal for a baby to pass green stools? What caused it? The specific reasons can be classified as follows:

The stools of breastfeeding children turn green

The stools of breastfeeding children are more acidic, and bilirubin can be changed to biliverdin due to the action of oxidizing bacteria, so it is normal for breastfeeding feces to be slightly green.


The milk the child eats is a bit cold, or the child’s abdomen and feet may get cold when the stool is green . This is because the cold will cause the bowel to move too fast, and the bilirubin in the colon is too short to be reduced to bilirubin, so it appears green. 


The amount of feces is small, and the frequency is more, and it is green mucus. This situation is often caused by insufficient feeding, this kind of stool is also called “hungry stool”. As long as enough feeding is given, the stool can be normalized.

Strengthened iron formula milk powder

If your baby consumes excessive iron, they can’t fully absorb the iron in the milk powder, the iron will pass through the digestive tract and upon contact with the air, the stool will appear green.

What to do if the newborn’s stool is green

  1. If there is more foam in the stool,  it means that the carbohydrate is indigestible, and it is necessary to reduce or stop feeding starchy foods, such as potatoes and other vegetables. If the appearance of stool is creamy, it indicates indigestion of fat, and the intake of oily foods such as peanuts and soy products should be reduced. 
  2. The infants can eat some beneficial bacteria (not medicine) such as Synbiotics, which can improve the beneficial intestinal flora of the baby, maintain the gastrointestinal system and help the baby’s stomach Intestinal digestion.
  3. If the baby passes only the greener stool, there is no obvious smell, usually it is because the stomach is cold. You can boil a few eggs with ginger and wrap them with a piece of cloth. It can be applied for about 20 minutes each time. Generally, 2-3 days of hot compress can relieve the baby’s symptoms of green stool.
  4. Another situation is when the baby first adds vegetable puree, it is easy to pass out green stool. It is common for healthy babies to change food. It is common for healthy babies to change food. As long as the baby does not add vegetable puree, they will not pass green stool.
  5. Another situation is that when the baby is not full, the gastrointestinal motility is often too fast due to starvation. At this time, it is necessary to feed the baby in time, and wait until the baby is full, and then carefully observe the stool they pass.

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