Newborns can find out their mother’s breast milk taste by smelling

When the mother holds the baby in her arms, the baby will turn his face to the side of the breast, and this is the natural reaction of the baby. Babies are particularly sensitive to taste since they are born. Scientists have also experimented with their sense of smell and found that their ability to smell is more amazing than we think. Newborn babies can rely on smell to find out their mother’s milk taste.

Newborns can recognize and distinguish different smells

The scientists observed the breathing and heartbeat of 20 babies born only 2 days ago and found that these babies already had a sense of smell. During the test, each baby smelled several odours such as fennel and vinegar. When the baby started to smell a new smell, they had a response of increased heart rate, changed activity, and turned their heads in the direction of the smell. This is an expression of interest in this new scent. If this odour persists, your baby will become accustomed and unresponsive; if you change to another odour, your baby’s heartbeat and breathing will change again.

6 days old baby can smell the mother’s breast milk

A researcher at the University of Oxford in the UK found that babies of 6 days old can tell the mother’s milk taste. The test was carried out like this. Each mother uses a gauze pad to absorb the shed milk while breastfeeding. Put a milk pad on each side of the baby’s head, one on the baby’s own mother’s milk pad, and the other on the other’s. See if the baby can recognize his mother’s breast pad. As a result, the babies 2 days after birth were not particularly interested, and on the 6th day, most babies could often turn their heads to their mother’s breast pads. It shows that newborns 6 days after birth can really smell the smell of their mother.

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