Maternity Care Guides For Pregnant Women

Hey moms! It will be exciting to anticipate the arrival of your little one during your pregnancy period. The expectancy and the process of being pregnant may be overwhelming. For a healthy delivery of your baby, it is a must for mothers to take care of their health both mentally and physically which is also known as maternity care. Maternity care is a must for mothers to maintain their health. It consists of many aspects which you can find out in this article. As a starter, what are the do’s and don’ts when you are pregnant?

Maternity care guides for pregnant women

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Do’s when you are pregnant

Exercising is important

Yes! When you are pregnant, movement in your body would help you to be energetic and reduce the regular pregnancy symptoms such as random muscle pain, gaining weight, and irregular moods. However, it is important to learn the exercises from your doctors or at professional pregnancy classes so that the exercises will be suitable for you. Following a

regular exercising routine will also help pregnant women to be energetic. According to some experts, exercising also helps during the delivery time of your baby. It will make the delivery process even easier and quicker.

Sexual intercourse is allowed during pregnancy

Sexual intercourse is allowed with the partners as long as it does not create discomfort for the pregnant woman. If it is not uncomfortable then sexual intercourse is a safe thing to do. People tend to get shocked by the fact that pregnant women can involve themselves in sexual intercourse. This is usually because what if it affects the baby during the process. However, the medical experts say that it is safe because the baby will be inside the amniotic fluid, hence the process will not directly affect the baby. If you are planning to have sexual intercourse, talk to your doctors and learn the dos and don’ts.

Maternity care guides for pregnant women

Source: Pexel

Don’t during your pregnancy

Do avoid smoking

Smoking is generally prohibited for health reasons. Pregnant women are highly advised not to smoke during their pregnancy process. Smoking will take a toll on both mother’s and the baby’s health. It may affect the baby physically and mentally which is better to be avoided during pregnancy time. According to research, babies are very much vulnerable to smoke which may affect their weight and could cause breathing trouble once they are born. It is better to avoid smoking to prevent any diseases in the future for both mothers and babies.

Do not drink caffeinated drinks and certain foods

It is better to avoid caffeinated drinks during your pregnancy times as it will affect the health of mothers such as an increase in blood pressure. Caffeine can also make you urinate a lot and will be a hassle for pregnant moms. In terms of foods, certain types of dairy products and soft cheeses are better to avoid by pregnant women during pregnancy times as they may contain allergic things that could affect the baby. Instead, there is much food that is full of nutrients that can be consumed by mothers. It is better to get tips and guides on pregnancy for expecting mothers from the doctors.

As mentioned before, maternity care consists of many things and one of them is buying the necessary things for pregnant mothers. With the necessary equipment and maternity things, pregnant women will be able to get through the pregnancy with more ease.

Maternity care guides for pregnant women

Source: Pexel

What are the necessary things women need during pregnancy?

Comfortable maternity clothes

The whole pregnancy period is a huge process and the body of pregnant women would go through many changes in those times. One of the main changes is the growth of their baby bumps. They need maternity clothes during this time which will allow them to move around comfortably. If you are someone who is planning on changing your whole wardrobe to pregnancy clothes, then you are more than welcome to buy maternity clothes that fit you and make you most comfortable during pregnancy times. You can also buy the needed amount of maternity clothes if you think you may have to give away all those clothes after the period. There are also many maternity shapewear that will help pregnant moms to maintain their shapes during or after pregnancy. You can buy maternity shapewear clothing in Malaysia where you can get the shapewear that fits you.

Pregnancy safe skincare routine

There is a saying that goes, there is a natural glow can be seen on the faces of pregnant women. In reality, women will go through many changes that also include changes in their skin. Everything is based on hormones during the period of time. Some people will have glowy faces and some people go through changes which are both totally fine. Nevertheless, a skincare routine may be followed by many pregnant mothers regularly to maintain the healthiness of their skin. But do you know that they are skincare products that are safe to use during pregnancy? This is because during pregnancy mothers can be allergic to certain smells or certain chemicals which also include skincare products. Some of the products can be created as fragrance-free and are specially made for pregnant women. There are many types of pregnancy-safe skincare products in Malaysia.

Stretch mark creams

During pregnancy or after pregnancy women can get stretch marks on their bodies. This is because the expansion of the body will cause the skin to stretch, hence the stretch marks. However, how normal is this for pregnant women? According to medical experts, 8 in 10 women get stretch marks during their pregnancy times. So stretch marks are normal. If you are planning to get rid of the stretch marks on your skin, you can buy stretch mark creams which can be applied on the areas that have stretch marks. There are many stretch mark creams for pregnancy in Malaysia.

A pregnancy guide book

You can have the pregnancy book so that you can have a look in case you have any doubts about your pregnancy times. Make sure to own authorized pregnancy books. You can read them earlier during your pregnancy days to understand about the pregnancy things in advance.

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“Empower your parenting journey with Mama Net! Whether you’re just starting your journey into parenthood or are a seasoned pro, Download our app for free on the App Store and Google Playstore for access to certified content, interactive tools, and a community of supportive parents and mothers.”

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