Lizz 俐澌 – January Mama of the Month

“After I was pregnant and went into labour, I thought that the hard days were finally over, but then, reality tells us that this is just the beginning. The so-called childbirth is not easy, raising a child is difficult, and making time to spend and create beautiful moments with your child is extremely hard. Time management is extremely important for working mothers.”

For our January Mama of the month we are honored to have the beautiful and ever dripping with confidence, supermama of 2 beautiful babies, and radio host, Lizz 俐澌. Making full use of the 24 hours she has daily, Lizz owns her own takeaway business called Lizz‘s kitchen. She hosted segments for the 988 FM as a DJ host. In the interview with us Lizz shares how she balances family and career as a busy supermama.

Wondering what kind of parenting story she has in store for us or how will it teach us the modernization of parenting classics?

Let’s continue reading it together!

How to balance family and career

Time is never enough and things are never done. Time management is very important to Lizz even before she became a mother – knowing how to allocate and arrange time. “If you don’t arrange it well, you will feel uneasy about working outside. When things are properly arranged, such as what to do with the children today, who will take care of the children and other trivial matters afterwards. You will find that there is still time to spare.”

Lizz is an open-minded parent and a working mother, when the time came for her children to be sent to the pre-school, Lizz sent them without much hesitation and would let them mingle around with kids their age in pre-school for the whole day. To her, sending children to school is actually better than letting them be cooped up at home. “By sending my children to pre-school, they can play with other children. Perhaps many parents may feel that their children are still young and do not need to rush to school, this is probably the reason why they are reluctant to give up their children.” 

In actuality, sending children to pre-school gives them a chance to build their social, motor, and learning skills as well as helps them with character development – while having fun.

For Lizz, it’s a trade-off you have to make when you’re at work. Of course, as a loving parent, Lizz was also reluctant to be apart from her kids. The reason Lizz is willing to let her children go to pre-school is that she vetted the school and makes sure it is suitable for her children and she also pay attention to observing whether her children are happy when they come back from school.

Only when her children go to pre-school, Lizz can concentrate and devote herself to doing her job well. When she picks up the child from pre-school, she has already finished her work. There will be ample time to focus on the child, instead of having to work when the child is around. This arrangement works great and is fun for both parents & children.

What’s the difference before and after being a mother?

Before becoming a mother, Lizz can do whatever she wants and just focus on herself, but after becoming a mother, she has to spend time on her children. Rather than sacrificing time for her children, it is better to say that the addition of children enriches her time and life.

Still, there are many mothers who feel that life stops when they become mothers. In fact, you can learn so much from your children and you will learn so much more as they grow up. “After having a child, I have another role as a mother. Because of this, my sense of responsibility has become greater, I have to take up the responsibility of taking care of my children which makes me think twice before doing something new.”

She continued: “No one is born to be a mother, they are all learning while being one. Learning from the child and vice versa, the addition of children allows you to explore another sensory world. Not to say that we don’t have freedom anymore but it is actually integrating children in your freedom.”

What “difficulties” did you experience during pregnancy?

Lizz didn’t have too much trouble during her pregnancies. She recalled that when she was pregnant with her first child, she was quite nervous, and she would see a doctor immediately when something happened. For her, the first pregnancy was more difficult because the baby was born prematurely, the amniotic fluid broke at 35 weeks of pregnancy. When it happened, her husband was working out of state. Lizz has always had an independent personality, she drove to the hospital to have the baby by herself.

In regards to her experience during labour, as long as she can give birth to the baby comfortably, she chooses to have a painless delivery. The whole birth process was pleasant, and she delivered the baby while chatting with the doctor. The baby only weighs 2kg because she was born prematurely. Thankfully, the baby girl has no complications and is excellently healthy, she was discharged the next day and bought her first born home to her loving family.

In addition, Lizz said openly, “I am a mother who won’t feed my child breastmilk if I can’t produce it, so I give milk powder to my children. Many mothers feel pressured to feed their baby breastmilk.” Because her firstborn was born prematurely, the doctor recommends breastfeeding. After 6 months, she insisted on feeding milk powder to her baby.

Be kind to yourself, the good mood of the mother determines the happiness of the family

“As a mother, I always want the best for my family, but often forget my own needs and feelings. Therefore, mothers need to be kind to themselves, take good care of their bodies, and their aura will naturally be good. Children can feel your happiness, and they can also grow up in a healthy environment. Occasionally take a day off from everything and let your husband handle the mom-chores, ask friends to have afternoon tea together, get their nails done, and relax. Trust your husband, let him take care of the child, of course, the husband may or may not take care of the children better than you, but as long as you understand and trust him, it will be fine. In fact, it is not a big deal for the child to eat 1-2 meals less, once in a while. Don’t be too hard on yourself.”

“Empower your parenting journey with Mama Net! Whether you’re just starting your journey into parenthood or are a seasoned pro, Download our app for free on the App Store and Google Playstore for access to certified content, interactive tools, and a community of supportive parents and mothers.”

“Empower your parenting journey with Mama Net! Whether you’re just starting your journey into parenthood or are a seasoned pro, Download our app for free on the App Store and Google Playstore for access to certified content, interactive tools, and a community of supportive parents and mothers.”

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