Is your baby entering a mouth-sensitive period?

Many parents will ask: How to tell if your baby has entered the oral-sensitive period? It’s actually very simple, you can judge by your baby’s actions!

1 Fingers and toes are tasty!

Babies like to taste their fingers and toes, which makes it a little difficult for the parents to understand. Many mothers will try to stop the baby from doing it. However, some babies can’t be stopped until they are satisfied.

2 Have to taste everything

As long as the baby can reach out to get things, they often put them in their mouths to taste first. If you say no to them and take away the item from them, they will cry. They will only be happy until you give them back the things you have taken away.

3 Biting unexpectedly

I believe that many breastfeeding mothers experienced this before. Your baby may bite you during breastfeeding. When you try to scold him for doing it, he will continue biting you as he might think that you are playing with him. Your child also seems to enjoy chewing on his hanky, towel, toys, and bottle whenever he/she gets the chance.

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