[Important!] Iron Supplement During Pregnancy

Pregnant Mamas do not need to supplement iron in early pregnancy, Mamas should just follow a normal healthy diet. 

But as the fetus grows, the baby’s oxygen demand also increases, and pregnant Mamas are prone to insufficient blood supply. At this time, it is necessary to consciously eat some iron-containing foods.

When pregnant Mamas suffer from iron deficiency, not only their own health is affected, but also the baby’s health. Pregnant Mamas will have symptoms of dizziness, fatigue and shortness of breath; and babies will suffer from hypoxia, slow development, and mental impairment after birth.

In addition, if pregnant Mamas do not pay attention to iron supplementation during pregnancy, not only will anemia occur during pregnancy, but some complications will also occur during delivery, and postpartum anemia may occur after delivery.

When to start taking iron supplements during pregnancy?

Pregnant Mamas need to start iron supplementation in the second trimester. 

Each pregnant Mamas’ physique is different. Although it is said that different levels of iron supplementation are required, iron supplementation too early or too late is not a good thing, so pregnant mothers need specific analysis, which also requires an obstetrics examination and investigation work must be done.

If at the time of the obstetric examination, the doctor tells Mamas that there is iron deficiency and needs to be supplemented properly, then Mamas can start to add some iron-containing food in Mamas daily diet.

Do & Don’ts while supplementing Iron supplements:

  1. Do not drink soy milk. Drinking soy milk while eating iron supplement foods will reduce the iron absorption rate, and it takes a few hours in between.
  2. Do eat vitamin C while supplementing iron. Remember to eat foods containing vitamin C, such as oranges, while eating iron supplements, which can promote better absorption of iron.
  3. Do not overdose.  Excessive iron supplements can also cause physical discomfort.
  4. Do not take iron supplements indiscriminately. Do not take iron supplements when it is not necessary. Generally, food supplements are not recommended unless the doctor recommends them.

Dangers of excessive iron supplementation for pregnant Mamas

  • Causes gastrointestinal discomfort and may cause constipation, nausea or diarrhea.

If pregnant Mamas experiences these discomforts during the iron supplementing process, they must remember to see a doctor first. In order to avoid these discomforts, the amount of iron supplements can be reduced appropriately.

Under normal circumstances, pregnant mothers do not have any serious reactions to iron supplementation through food, so pregnant mothers should not be too worried.

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