How to stimulate the baby’s visual development?

At this time, the baby’s big eyes will turn curiously, and vision development will improve again. Now that the baby can look at the objects in a coordinated way, he will focus on the things he likes, such as staring at the faces of his parents.

In addition, his ability to track moving objects has improved. When an object approaches, he will blink repeatedly!

How to stimulate the baby’s visual development?

1. Babies can smile at the pictures they like and ignore the ones they dislike. It is recommended that you show pictures to your child, this can arouse the baby’s interest and guide the baby to understand the objects.

2.     Now that your baby’s sight is clearer and the range of focus is expanded, he/she can visualise objects from a close or far distance. You can also hold your child up, so he can observe his surroundings in an upright position.

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