How to protect your baby’s hearing

At 4 months old, your child already has great hearing development!

How to train your baby’s hearing?

Babies like to hear the names of all the familiar people from their parents, such as grandpa, grandma, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, etc.

Singing is a fun and educational way to train your child’s hearing. For example, repeating children’s song lyrics or nursery rhymes can be educational for your child.

Ways to protect your baby’s hearing:

The baby is very sensitive to noise and sound. High-decibel noise will damage the hearing receptors in the baby’s inner ear. Once damaged, the sound cannot be transmitted to the brain. Hearing gradually decreases under the interference of noise. Here are ways to protect your baby’s hearing:

1.   Avoid common noise pollution sources in your daily life

Turn down the volume of the TV, don’t use headphones on your child, and don’t take your child to loud places.

Make sure that the noise from electric household appliances in your home meets acceptable standards.

2. Wear hearing-protective gears

If you must bring your child to a loud environment (I.e.: concerts, band practice). A good quality pair of noise-cancelling headphones is the way to go. Not only does it protects your child’s sensitive hearing, but it also helps cancels out the noise, so your child can sleep soundly without being distracted or disturbed.

3.    Sound-proof your house

If you stay in the city, where noise pollution is unavoidable. You can consider changing your windows and glass doors to noise-proof glass and tightly sealed windows. This is an effective way to filter out the hustle and bustle of the city, ensuring better sleep quality for you and your child.

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