How to help your baby to get through the oral-sensitive period?

1. Meet your baby’s oral needs

The oral sensitive period can only end as soon as the baby’s oral needs are met. Parents should ensure the safety and hygiene of the objects that the baby likes to put into his mouth. You can prepare some food-grade teethers and baby-safe toys for your child. However, it should be noted that you need to disinfect and rinse these toys often.

2. Distract your baby

When your baby is seen holding something unhygienic, you can try distracting your child by diverting his/her attention. You can bring food and baby toys and shake them in front of your child. You can ‘negotiate’ with your child, only give him/her the toy once he/she drops the ‘forbidden’ item.

3. Satisfy your baby’s sucking needs when feeding

Whether it is breastfeeding or powdered milk feeding, the baby’s sucking needs must be met. When breastfeeding a baby, you need to provide him with sufficient care and warmth. You need to be calm and not yell at your baby even when he/she bites you during breastfeeding.

4. Don’t stop your baby from tasting his fingers

During the baby’s oral sensitivity period, tasting fingers are a normal phenomenon.  Do not pull your baby’s hand out of his mouth forcefully, it will only cause him to cry. Instead, you can prepare some molar cookies and rubber pacifiers for him/her to chew on.

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