How to correct the sunken nipple? Different prenatal and postnatal methods

Prenatal correction method for sunken nipple:

Mom can take the following methods to improve their condition:

1. Use your fingers to rub the nipples to stimulate the nipples to reflect the nipples.

2. Pull the nipple by the cross method and repeat it several times for 5 minutes each time to make the nipple protrude.

3. With the electrical or manual breast pump, the negative pressure generated from the breast pump can help to protrude the nipple. Or use a 10 ml or 20 ml syringe to make a simple vacuum aspirator to correct the nipple shape

Postpartum correction method for sunken nipple:

If you miss the timing of prenatal correction, postpartum can also be compensated by breastfeeding.

1. Allow your baby to suck the milk 30 minutes after delivery.

2. Warm pack the breast before each breastfeeding to clear the breast duct, stimulate the milk reflex, and then squeeze out a little milk to make the nipple and areola soft so that the baby can suck it.

3. it is best to breastfeed your baby when your baby is hungry. The suckling strength at that time will be stronger than usual and this can help to protrude your nipple.

4. Seek help from experts or nurses about breastfeeding. 

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