Hearing characteristics of newborns

1.   They love their mother’s voice

Newborns love to listen to their mother’s voice. This is because mother’s voice is most often heard when they are in the womb in the past 40 weeks. Babies will feel more secure when their mothers call out to them.

2. High-frequency sounds

Babies like to listen to high-frequency sounds, thus raise your tones slightly when talking to your baby to get their attention.

3.   Their hearing is most sensitive in a quiet environment

Your baby’s response to sound changes when they are conscious. In other words, when the baby is asleep, their response to sound is not obvious, only the changes observed may be their rhythm of breathing. If the child is a light sleeper, he/she might startle when a loud sound is made.

Remarks :

Although newborn babies can hear sounds, they still have a very fuzzy feeling and their hearing development is not coordinated. Hearing training is important because the baby must go through a certain period before the brain can make use of the variety of information.

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