Grape Foong – March Mama of The Month

Richness in Simplicity

“Happiness is to be surrounded by people that I treasure, double happiness is when I can see them smile.”

For our March Mama of the Month, we are graced by the wise and ever-creative supermama; Grape Foong. A mother for almost 7 years now, Grape, her husband, and her lovely 7-year-old daughter walk through the beautiful path of life together as a family. 

Apart from being a mother, Grape is also the Founder of A to Z Herbs which supplies their products to Chinese confinement centres all over Malaysia and a content creator (most active on Facebook and TikTok as Pakupakiss), she’s a prominent figure in the content creation world – a Nas Daily alumni, Grape also allocates her time to encourage new content creators to create and share their work and masterpieces. Despite her busy schedule, Grape still finds time to create memorable moments with her beloved family of 3.

Finding richness in simplicity, wiseness in daring to fail, and strength in being vulnerable, Grape shares with us her wonderful journey of mothering a lovely daughter of her own, with kindness and other impeccable values.

Let’s continue reading her story together!

The Challenges of Being a New Mama

Reminiscing her first year of being a mother, Grape faced challenges in breastfeeding her daughter and also struggles with her daughter’s sleep schedule.

“During the first year, I had a lot of issues with breastfeeding, I even met a lot of specialists about it.”

“My daughter was also a light sleeper who refused to sleep for a long period of time, her sleep schedule became so bad, to a point where we seek professional help virtually from a US-based website.”

“We had to key in what time our daughter slept and woke up, including her short naps, and her sleeping patterns. It was a very detailed form. When the data is enough, they replied with a 12-page long report on how to overcome this problem – and finally, after a year of suffering from lack of sleep, my husband and I can finally rest with ease overnight.”

“Approaching the second year of motherhood, everything becomes smoother. I am glad I did not give up, things got so easy after the first year. I don’t even have to wake up at night to make milk for the baby anymore as I can breastfeed with ease, I don’t even have to bring bottles during the holidays, I can just bring my ‘chest’ and we’re good to go!”

Rewarding moments in Motherhood

“My daughter is currently 7 years old so we have seen a lot of rewarding moments in her growth milestones. But to say the most rewarding moment – it is probably when she is finally able to cycle on two wheels.”

“My daughter is a person who gives up easily, she’s not strong-willed yet, so I am trying to impart strength into her. She is incredible education-wise but a little slow in physical activities, she’s a little clumsy as in – it’s hard for her to catch a ball.”

“When you see your child improve in something she’s poor at, you as parents will feel very very happy. It’s a part and parcel in her growth milestones, the small achievements are very rewarding to us parents.”

Grape also mentioned that seeing her daughter become a proper lady with empathy, kindness, and understanding, warms her heart. “Children absorb everything you do, she’s always reminding us about things that we tend to forget.”

“She once saw me help out a child – probably around 4 years old – that was lost in the mall. I consoled and helped him look for his parents. Since that day, my daughter has always offered a helping hand to those in need. She often comes back from school and tells us what she did and how nice it feels like to help others.”

For Grape, seeing how her daughter picks up good things just from observation, is a priceless reward in motherhood.

Dare to fail 

It is of great importance for Grape to raise her daughter with values and morals. One of the very important values that Grape would like to impart in her daughter’s life is ‘Dare to fail’.

“We will not be by her side forever, I hope she understands that failures are always there awaiting, what matters most is how she handles it. You can fail again and again and again, and it’s a learning curve that extends until you’re old – you will spend your entire life learning – even grandmas still can fail.”

“You can fail in anything, academic wise, financial wise, relationships, – basically anything and everything, but that is not the end of the world. Our life is for us to treasure and there are always alternatives to curb one’s obstacles.”

“Think out of the box, otherwise you’ll always think that this is the end of the world for you, it’s a survival skill that my daughter should have especially when we are not by her side.”

Following your Passion

Grape regards herself as more fortunate, her winding down method is actually her passion- video editing. Before she became a mother, she winds down by spending her time relaxing and binge-watching dramas and movies. Now that she’s a mother, she feels a strong urge to create more memories with her family. 

“Content creation is one of the strong industries in the future. A lot of tech industries will be  taken over by new technologies, robots, and AI. Also creativity is something that can be developed. My daughter often sees her parents making video content, so she slowly chips in her ideas.”

“Sometimes her ideas are not the best but we’ll do it anyway. We want to encourage her into contributing. Most of the time children have a lot of ideas but nobody wants to put it into action, this will discourage the children from voicing out or having new ideas. Whether or not an idea will work out, we won’t know unless we try it, you’ll be surprised to know how great an unlikely idea works.”

Advice for Mamas

When you care about your child, do not forget about yourself.

“I have seen many mothers my age, where there’s a lot of murmuring and dissatisfaction especially when their child has grown up and they feel like they have no skills, they’ve not enjoyed life to the fullest as they have given every single minute of their life to raise their child. Now when the child is in college – soon to be working, and leaving them. So they have a lot of anxiety about growing old.”

“In the process of raising your children, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Enjoy every living moment, learn new skills, experience something new for yourself. Everything actually depends on your mindset, if you think that something is a burden, then it will be. If you think that everything is a breeze and that every problem can be solved, then you’ll enjoy life to the fullest.”

“Seek help whenever you need it. Sometimes it is not only professionals and family members that can help us. Reach out to your neighbours, to people you meet online, there are a lot of people who are willing to help, including myself. If anyone reaches out to me for help, I’ll be willing to help them because I think I have the capability to do so.”

“So be kind and be adventurous.”

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