Early Pregnancy Emotions

As beautiful as pregnancy is, it is also the 9 months that men fear the most – mood swings. While both the husband and wife are on edge because of the financial worries and other challenges, a pregnant woman’s emotions can change from 0 – 100 in “a snap of a finger”. So what are causing these early pregnancy emotional roller coasters?

Understanding Mood Swing Triggers

In the early stages of pregnancy, a woman’s body is getting adjusted to the physical changes and this would also affect her mind. It is important to note that no one wants to experience or be on the receiving end of mood swings, but the hormones that are secreted into a pregnant woman’s body are essential to a baby’s growth.

During a woman’s first trimester, her body starts preparing to safeguard and sustain the pregnancy through increasing levels of oestrogen and progesterone. Though these are vital for a healthy pregnancy, it also comes with huge side effects. Up to the first four months of the pregnancy, a woman’s body will develop Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG), very important for keeping the embryo secured to the uterine lining. Progesterone and oestrogen levels will be on the high till delivery of the baby, in order to sustain the pregnancy through the buildup of nourishing blood vessels.

Signs of Mood Swings

Morning sickness and tiredness are common symptoms experienced by all pregnant women, but that’s not all that is to be expected. Other signs of mood swings include irritability, anxiety attacks, sudden sadness, and even to a point of self-doubt – whereby they question if they are suited to be a mother. According to doctors, these symptoms are caused by the levels of progesterone and oestrogen hormones in the bloodstream. For some women, they may be able to overcome these side effects after a while, however, some would have it till the end of the pregnancy.

There will also be times when the pregnant woman becomes very forgetful, cries at almost anything, and depressed. The key to managing this well is for the man to be understanding – even he is driven crazy for most parts. If life is tough for you to manage, imagine the woman who has to take care of 2 lives at once.

However, not all of the symptoms are negative, considering that pregnant women are also very likely to be easily aroused. During her second trimester, the “honeymoon phase” will mean that her bust will increase in size, and so will her sensitivity level to her nipples and genitals. Pregnancy means an increase of blood volume, and when blood flows, it flows EVERYWHERE. Heads up for the gents, her orgasms would also be a lot more intense – so there is still an upside to being pregnant and “moody”.

How to prevent or ease pregnancy depression

Maternal lifestyle adjustment: Pregnant women need to spend time and patience, receive training on pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and baby-rearing knowledge to reduce the tension and fear of pregnancy, childbirth and child-rearing.

Maintain good health habits: nutritious diet, exercise moderately, take children to outdoor activities, take a walk, breathe fresh air, and feel the warm sunshine. Pay attention to sharing your feelings with others. This can ease your emotions, and maybe can learn new coping methods and experiences from them.

Maternal psychological adjustment: Cultivate self-confidence, optimism, positive, and healthy personality to overcome difficulties, and minimize the adverse effects of stress. Expectant parents must be mentally prepared and pay attention to overcoming the sense of loss, such as the temporary loss of freedom and entertainment.

Spouse and family support

Spouses and family members should understand and learn about caring for a pregnant mother, and be more understanding, caring and supportive. Create a quiet, leisure and healthy rest and recuperation environment and atmosphere for the mother. Share the household responsibilities with the partner or get help from the entire family.


While mood swings have often proven to be a relationship killer, sincere love and understanding toward your woman mean everything. Gentle exercises are beneficial for restoring mood swings to normal, as well as for your growing baby and labour. Remember that there is always a Calm to every Storm.

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