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A mother’s time revolves around her children, her time is not her own when every bit is spent to raise her children and keep the family together. We know that our mother’s great contribution is far more than what we can describe in words. We should appreciate our mothers – especially after reading this article (go hug your mom today).

The role of a mother is never simple. After having a baby, they will always focus on the baby and ignore their own health. Little do they know, a healthy mother raises children better.

There are 3 prominent stages of female hormonal transformation:

  1. Menarche (First occurrence of menstruation)
  2. Childbirth
  3. Menopause

The most obvious change of female hormones is after childbirth. To give you a view of how drastic the change is, the countless hormones in the female body drop to nearly zero. Due to these hormone changes and imbalance, every cell in the female human body tries to repair itself. If it is not repaired properly during the repair period, various problems might occur, usually after 2-3 years which may include shoulder pain, bone pain, migraines, stomachaches, headaches, and etc.

Golden Restoration Period: 6 months after delivery 

Postpartum recovery is divided into two categories: body structure and psychological recovery. 

As the saying goes: “If the confinement is well done, and there will be no problems when you are old. The best time for the golden recovery period is 6 months after delivery to achieve a multiplier effect and return to the pre-pregnancy state. If this golden restoration period has passed, it will take longer to repair and the effect will not be as satisfactory.

Many mothers held importance to whether the uterine and belly repair are done successfully.

Here are 2 major signs to indicate a successful Uterine repair:

  1. Uterus restored to normal size (shrink of the uterus)
  2. Lochia discharges (whether there is a clean discharge)

After giving birth, the uterus will begin to shrink slowly like a leaky balloon, shrinking to the size of a fist(the original size of a uterus). Many mothers are wondering, how do you know that the uterus is restored to its normal size? Mothers can feel the size of the uterus from the belly. You can use the belly button as the center point to measure whether the uterus is above or below the belly button.

Below is the supposed size of the uterus shrinking according to the week of repair period:

How to promote the recovery of the uterus so that the uterus recovers well?

  1. Don’t hold back your urine.

A full bladder tends to impair good uterine contraction. It is highly encouraged to go to the toilet every 2-3 hours after giving birth.

  1. Start moving around.

Some mothers who have given birth by cesarean may irritate the bladder during the cesarean, resulting in insensitivity of the bladder. We all know that mothers who have undergone C-section have less time to get out of bed because they are afraid of pain when moving. This is why the uterus of natural birth mothers recover faster.

  1. Breastfeeding.

Help to produce oxytocin that can effectively help the uterus to contract

  1. Uterine Massage.

(Reminder: C-section mothers have to wait for 2 weeks or after the C-sec is healed to go for urut services) 

Lochia discharge is also important

The uterus is composed of a group of muscles. A poor uterine contraction will be associated with fluctuating lochia flow. When this happens, the discharge of lochia is quickly reduced, but once the uterus is stimulated or when breastfeeding starts, the uterus starts to contract again and there will suddenly be more lochia discharge. 

This is a bad phenomenon. It actually means that your lochia accumulates in your body and causes the uterus to repair badly. Therefore, it is recommended that mothers move more after giving birth to stimulate uterus contraction – especially mothers over 30 years old or mothers who have had a C-section.

Many mothers believe in a myth that states: there will be less lochia if the mother delivers by caesarean than natural delivery. This is actually a misconception. Whether it is cesarean or natural birth, the lochia discharge will be the same.  Once the uterus is treated and contracting well, the lochia will be discharged quickly.

Mothers can also refer to the following changes in lochia to find out the normal lochia discharge pattern.

Loose Belly! Is it possible to wear a Bikini again?

During pregnancy, the normal fat gain for Asian mothers should be around 2.3-4kg. After giving birth and losing weight, the belly begins to loosen. Not to worry, this situation can be avoided by treatment.

So why is the skin sagging? This is because the fat loss is too fast. When the subcutaneous fat disappears too fast, the skin has no time to regain its original elasticity. So moms, you need to lose weight the right way. First of all, you need to understand your weight gain correctly so that you can reduce your weight correctly. After that, slowly cut the weight, 1-1.5Kg a month is enough. This is to allow enough time for the skin to regain its original elasticity.

Remember: Do not rush to lose weight during confinement, what you need for confinement is to get enough rest and nutrition. Lose your weight through a healthy diet and exercise, and don’t choose fasting to lose weight.

The following is the structure of skin tissues:

Bioscor Indiba Postpartum Repair

To be honest, the mother’s own efforts to restore the body as it was before childbirth is not enough, mothers require additional assistance to achieve better results. Bioscor Indiba postpartum repair, helps mothers lose weight and repair the uterus completely leaving no trace of bad repairs.

Bioscor Indiba combines Chinese and Western medicine. Radiofrequency is used to achieve the perfect condition of body repair and the acupuncture point of Chinese medicine is to restore the uterus to the best form and functions. The treatment course is usually a relaxing 30-45 minutes.

Bioscor Indiba understands that mothers are extremely tired after giving birth. They also have nursing packages to help mothers regain their vitality. For mothers who are facing gastrointestinal discomfort, scar healing, body slimming etc, all of them can be improved with Bioscor Indiba nursing treatment.

Maintaining a good body will greatly help your future pregnancy and life-long health.

Contact BIOSCOR to book your appointment today:

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“Empower your parenting journey with Mama Net! Whether you’re just starting your journey into parenthood or are a seasoned pro, Download our app for free on the App Store and Google Playstore for access to certified content, interactive tools, and a community of supportive parents and mothers.”

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