Child spitting blood during brushing teeth

The cause of bleeding

Misunderstanding of bleeding while brushing teeth:

People usually associate brushing bleed and lack of vitamin C, but the relationship between those two correlations is not that strong. 

Causes of bleeding when children brush their teeth:

The most common cause of children’s bleeding when brushing their teeth  is periodontal disease. When there is periodontal disease, the gums will swell, and a large number of new blood vessels in the gums will be congested and expanded, and the permeability will be enhanced.

In addition, diseases in the body can also lead to bleeding from brushing teeth , such as high blood pressure, blood system diseases, women’s menstrual compensation bleeding, long-term use of anticoagulant drugs, liver cirrhosis and blood disorders such as leukemia and hemophilia.

What to do if the child brushes his teeth dan bleeds 

If the child brushes his teeth improperly, such as brushing too hard, the gums will be damaged and bleeding. It should be ruled out whether it is bleeding caused by periodontitis or systemic diseases, to calm the child’s emotions.

For non-traumatic bleeding, parents need to appease the child’s emotions and then use clean gauze to press the bleeding site and hold it tight for 30 minutes to stop the bleeding. If there is a lot of bleeding, stop, gargle, and brush your teeth first to avoid the shedding of blood clots. If you can’t stop the bleeding, you should see a doctor immediately. 

If it is spontaneous bleeding of the gums for unknown reasons, you should go to the Department of Hematology or Internal Medicine for further examination, clarify the cause and get treatment.

For children suffering from periodontitis, if the periodontal disease is not treated in time, the supporting bone resorption around the teeth will increase, the teeth will loosen, and there will be deep periodontal pockets around the teeth, swollen gums and pus overflow. 

What toothpaste is suitable for children to brush their teeth?

 Brushing bleeding has nothing to do with what kind of toothpaste is used, but it is important to note that if the child is still young, then parents should choose fluoride-free toothpaste, because the child may not know better and may swallow toothpaste, which will harm their body.

The right way for children to brush their teeth

  1. Brush down the front teeth. Do not use too much force. Move the toothbrush up and down with a moderate force.
  2. When brushing the inner side, also use the brushing up and down method, brush each surface for 15-20 times.
  3. When brushing the molars, it is also the action of moving the brush up and down, with an appropriate amount of strength from the gum to the crown.
  4. The bite of the posterior teeth should also be grasped.

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