Bringing your baby out can promote intellectual development.

Parents will choose to bring their baby out as he/she grows older. In fact, all their senses are more developed now. So when your child is out and about, he/she is ready to take in all the colours, people, noises and smells.

Babies need to feel more of their surroundings when they go out

We often see a lot of parents holding their babies with their little faces toward their parents’ chests or backs when the parents go out. A chest-facing or back-facing position is not ideal for exposing your child to the environment. Your babies won’t be able to observe what is around them. Therefore, it is best to carry your baby in a way that your baby can observe everything around them. You choose the chest-facing position when your child is napping or nursing.

“Look ahead” in life

A Chinese saying goes like this, parents should “look ahead’ with their children. Hence, this further fortifies the front-facing carrying position. While you expose your child to the outside world, you are also introducing your surroundings, habits, hobbies and personal interests to your child. With this shared “vision”, you can indirectly promote good parent-child communication and interaction from a very early age. This also cultivates a baby’s positive attitude towards life and builds self-confidence.

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