A savvy parents guide to buy baby toys, gear, clothes

It is tempting to splurge on the biggest toys or cutest clothes for your precious little one but if you are not careful, you might spend a fortune on these as baby gears and clothings are known to be expensive. Why not be a savvy parent who wants to spend wisely so that you can save and invest on other things like your child’s education and nutrition?

Buying baby clothes, gears and toys on a budget does not mean you have to skimp on purchases or qualities. There are many ways to buy these on a budget. Firstly, make a list of ‘Needs’ vs ‘Wants’. Very often, we forget what is necessary and go for what is good to have. Always focus on getting what is necessary first before considering something that isn’t. Oftentimes, it means getting the basics. For instance, your baby does not need the fancy, expensive branded toy or designer clothes – they probably would not enjoy it any more than a simpler, cheaper alternative. However, a safe crib is important for your baby’s quality rest. Car seats are also extremely important for safety, while strollers would just make your life easier.

Not everything parents need to buy necessarily has to be brand new. Things like a used baby monitor or crib from your sister can help you save a lot in the long run, as long as you have checked its condition. Baby clothes are another aspect that can be very expensive, although you will need quite a bit of it, for just a really short period of time, as your baby will grow out of it sooner than expected. So buy second hand clothings or graciously accept hand-me-downs – you will feel less heartache when your baby stains or outgrows the clothings.

Toys and books are often good to have, but not necessary to buy. In fact, family and friends are likely to have gifted you with books and toys during many occasions and celebrations. Otherwise, you can just borrow books from the library or even rent toys from specific shops or online stores, seeing as children tend to get bored easily with the same books and toys anyway. You can actually save hundreds, or even thousands this way. Remember, you do not need many toys to keep your baby happy and entertained.

Wherever possible, shop for ‘Double-Duty’ items, meaning multi-purpose products with several uses. For example, there are some clever designs of cradles that can be turned into a table or bookshelf after your baby has outgrown it, or a bassinet that can be converted into a crib, then into a toddler bed, so you do not have to keep spending money to keep up with your child’s different stages of growth.

Raising a child is often said to be an expensive task, but it does not have to be – with the right planning and smart shopping, your child could have an amazing childhood without burning through your budget.


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