9 Months Baby Development Index

After 9 months of growth, the baby has gradually become lively, and can freely climb up and stand, and his activity ability has been greatly improved. At this time, the baby’s development has also begun to mature.

 Movement and head control

At this young age your little one is able to move through his environment. They can get into a sitting position and sit without support, pulls up (using furniture for support) to stand. At 9 months, one of the milestone that is important your baby will be able to start crawling. Place your baby close to furniture so he can try to raise himself up.

Sight, hearing and awareness

At 9 months, they like to play peek-a-boo and look for things you hide. They track objects that fall and move things from one hand, and like to put objects in their mouth. They pick up small objects with their thumb and index finger.

Social, emotional and communication

Some of the ways you’ll see your little one learning to connect with the people around her at 9 months. They started to cling onto adults they are familiar with. Also, they might be afraid of strangers.

9 months baby disease prevention

  1. Chickenpox: If your baby gets chickenpox, you can put on cotton gloves to prevent then from rubbing their eyes with his hands, causing the virus to infect the eyes, forming keratitis, and leaving scars on the cornea of ​​the eyes, affecting vision. To prevent chickenpox, it is best to take your baby to get the chickenpox vaccine, and avoid places with too many people.
  2. Measles: Measles is a highly contagious disease affecting the skin and respiratory tract.  If your child has measles, you should pay attention to the cleanliness of his skin, eyes, mouth, and nasal cavity. If the condition is not serious, you can carry out isolation treatment at home. If the condition is serious, they need to be sent to hospital for treatment.
  3. Baby diaper rash: You can also follow these three steps when taking care of your baby’s buttocks daily. First clean the oily dirt with a wet towel that has weak acid pH and lotion. Secondly, use a zinc oxide-containing diaper cream to isolate urine stimulation and bacterial infection. Finally, apply a talcum powder to absorb moisture and smooth the baby’s skin. 3-step exclusive care can effectively reduce the problem of children’s red buttocks.
  4. Vaccination: This month your baby will get the first dose MMR ( measles, mumps and rubella ) and infants in Sarawak will be given Japanese Encephalitis vaccine.

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