5 tips to help your wife have good dreams:

1. Before going to bed every night, you can help your wife to have a bedtime massage to help her relax. 

2. Dim the lights

A dim environment, and a quiet atmosphere, can raise the hypnotizing hormone.

Turn off the light in the bedroom before going to bed; turn on the soothing music to create a sleep-friendly atmosphere for your wife.

3. Remind the mother to change the sleeping position

For most pregnant mothers, the best sleep posture is leaning on the left side, because it can increase venous return. If you find that your wife is uncomfortable leaning on the left side, tell her to choose the most comfortable position to sleep in.

4. Please turn off your alarm.

If you have the habit of adjusting your alarm, it is best to turn off your alarm during this time!

5. Help your wife relax

In the third trimester, pregnant mothers are easily exhausted, and this fatigue can become stress. So before going to sleep, you may wish to read some articles for your wife or accompany her to practice the labour breathing exercises which can help your wife to fall asleep.

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