2 Months Baby Development Index

Movement and head control

By month 2, your infant has discovered that there’s more to life than just eating, sleeping and crying. They can hold head up and begin to push up when lying on their tummy and make smoother movements with arms and legs, so you’ll notice fewer “jerky” newborn reflexive movements and more purposeful movement.

Sight, hearing and awareness

At 2 months, they pay attention to faces and the face of other caregivers and closs family members. They begin to follow things with eyes and recognize people at a distance.

Social, emotional and communication

Your baby will begin to smile at people and briefly calm themselves (may bring hands to mouth and suck on hand) and tries to look at parent. Their method of communication is by making gurgling sounds and turns head toward sounds.

2 months baby development how to care

  1. Infant eczema: When your baby has eczema, it will feel very itchy, and continue to use their small hands to grab it, then you must stop them in time to prevent from scratching their skin, eczema is a serious condition. 
  2. Infant constipation: Most constipation occurs in babies who drink milk powder, and babies who drink breast milk will have less constipation. When your baby has constipation, you can give him more water, massage his stomach, etc., which can alleviate constipation.
  3. Diaper rash: When a baby has a diaper rash, you should keep his little buttocks dry and properly exposed to the sun, which is also good for the treatment of diaper rash. Do not rub hard on areas with diaper rash. After washing, use cotton gauze to absorb moisture, and apply petroleum jelly or anti-inflammatory ointment to form a protective film to isolate irritants.
  4. Baby vomiting milk: Because the baby has a small stomach capacity, short esophagus, and the cardia of the esophagus and stomach is not yet mature, it is particularly easy to spit milk. You have to burp your baby after giving milk, don’t let them play too much. In addition, a small amount of meals can also be fed each time.
  5. Baby skin care: The use of shampoo, shower gel, baby body oil, moisturizing body lotion, and baby talcum powder four steps can give children a more comprehensive moisture protection, keeping the skin in a healthy state to help reduce external stimuli.

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