10 Months Old-Start learning languages!

Language development

A 10-month-old baby will start to learn to speak. They will imitate an adult’s speech and will always ask for a response. A baby’s speech development starts from coos and gurgles to babblings and later to single words. At 1 year old, some babies can even speak two to three vocabulary clearly.

No matter how well the baby pronounces, as long as there is a change in pitch, intensity and rhythm, your baby is preparing himself for speaking.

Early education suggestions:

Parents should change their habit of communicating with their babies in a “baby tone”. Parents should keep talking to the baby when the baby starts to understand the meaning of simple words. They can teach the baby the correct words by repeating it to them.

Motor development:

A baby will start to cruise on their belly, and then learn to crawl using his hands and knees. Likewise, your child will learn how to sit with support, and then sit without support. Lastly, they will first know how to stand and then walk and the next thing you know, they are running around the house.

Besides, a baby at 10 months old will start using their index finger to point at things, throw things or catch things with two hands.

Early education suggestions:

Parents can hold the baby’s arm to help the baby to practice walking and exercise their lower limbs. They can also play ball with the baby to train the baby’s arm strength such as catching balls, rolling or throwing balls, etc. which helps with the baby’s cognitive development too.

Cognitive ability

Your baby will be able to recognize common things. He will observe the shape, structure and size of the objects and he can distinguish between things that could or could not be eaten. However, the baby will still put the things into his mouth to try them. When your baby encounters his favourite toy, he will try to hold it with both hands if it is large and store it properly.

Early education suggestions:

Don’t give your baby too many toys at one time as it is better to let your baby concentrate on playing with a toy and learn more.

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