1 Month Baby Development Index

Movement and head control

At this young age your little one is unable to sit up alone, move around or roll over. When lying on their back you might notice that they keep their head to one side. If you place them on their tummy they might try to lift their head up at first. They have little head control, so it is important for you to always support their head and neck while feeding. Their movements are usually uncoordinated.

Your 1-month-old still has the basic reflex movements they had as a newborn (called ‘primitive reflexes’). For example if you touch their cheek near their mouth they’ll turn to try to suck your finger (‘rooting reflex’); when held ‘standing’ on a hard surface they’ll press their feet down in a kind of walking pattern (‘stepping reflex’).

Sight, hearing and awareness

Your baby is attracted to light and they will focus on bright items like toy and can follow slow movements in and out and side to side of their eyes.

In the last few months of pregnancy your baby could hear some background sounds while still in your womb, such as music or even your voice . Now that your little one is born they might find these familiar sounds soothing, sometimes turning their head towards the source of the sound.

However your baby will instinctively react to sudden noises with a ‘startle reflex’ by stiffening their body, blinking, reaching out with their arms and legs with fingers and toes splayed, and sometimes crying.

Social, emotional and communication

You will be aware that your baby can whimper, moving on rapidly to loud crying when hungry or uncomfortable! At this age it’s normal for babies to cry for anything from 1 to 6 hours a day but this should settle down in a few weeks. At other times when contented they’ll make little ‘throaty’ grunts and noises.

Your little one already prefers social contact to other stimuli so will maintain eye contact with you, recognize your face close up and stop crying when you pick them up or talk to them. You’re already seeing early signs of that all-important first smile.

1 month baby development how to care

  1. Buttock care: If you do not take good care of you, if you do not change the diaper and clean it in time, your little butt may show red buttocks or even a diaper rash.
  2. Baby bath: When bathing the child, the room temperature is controlled at about 23-24 ° C, and the water temperature is at 37-38 ° C.  At the same time, pay attention to check the skin of the whole body for redness and inflammation.
  3. Baby dress: You need to choose breathable cotton clothes, which can emit sweat and dirt from the skin, keep the skin dry, and adjust the body temperature. 
  4. Baby sleep: You should pay attention to observe whether his sleeping position is correct.
  5. Newborn skin care: The shampoo shower gel can soften hard water, optimize water quality, protect baby’s fragile skin and provide effective cleaning.

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